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Paris, La Ville-Lumière (3/3)

Je t’adore big guns and Chanel…

We gave up trying to go up to the Eiffel Tower.  The lines were too long.

(Photocredit: Dad)

And we were also unfortunate enough to Versailles on a holiday.  It was Ascension Thursday.  Every nation and the French decided to spend the day there.

(Photocredit: Dad)

(Photocredit: Dad)

For all its grandiosity and pretentious pomp, the architect left out one essential room in Versailles–BATHROOMS.  According to our tour guide, Versailles’ inhabitants just came and relieved their bladders wherever they pleased.  It slightly tarnished my first impressions of the Palace.  It is a work of art, really.  One just has to overlook its unhygenic provisions.  Hmmm….

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Korean BBQ lunch at Sam Won Garden

The Southern equivalent of Maginhawa St. in Teachers Village, Quezon City would probably be Aguirre Ave. in B.F. Homes Parañaque.

In a gist, Teachers Village in Quezon City is one of the three major residential areas in the Diliman district.  Maginhawa St. is a major road that cuts through Teachers Village, Sikatuna, and U.P. Village.  For some reason, maintaining these three subdivisions as strictly residential areas was never strictly implemented.  This resulted in a mixed-use subdivision, primarily residential interspersed with all kinds of commercial establishments.  (You name it: printing shops, restaurants, laundry, hardware stores, a grocery, factory outlets, low-rise office buildings, etc.)  I have heard someone sarcastically remark that one can find the entire universe in here.  Maginhawa St. has always been a notable place in Diliman because of its restaurants and bars.

The same applies for Aguirre Ave. in B.F. Homes, Parañaque.  B.F. Homes was intended to be a purely residential area.  Over time, through lax implementation I suppose, it evolved into a mixed-use subdivision very much like Teachers Village.

ANYWAY… One of the Korean restaurants that I have read about in food blogs like The Sugar Bug, and, and ClicktheCity was Sam Won Garden.   (The family was looking for a new Asian restaurant for Easter lunch other than our usual Chinese and Japanese fare.)

**Disclaimer: This probably should not count as a real restaurant review, in my opinion.  I usually research on how to “attack” exotic cuisines before I try out such restaurants.  If the restaurant serves authentic cuisine and is owned  by someone of that nationality, I try to find out if there are any meal-related customs/rituals that have to be performed.  Manners…  I also look up the most popular dishes and the recommended combinations.  I have tried Korean restaurants a few times–those instances I can count on one hand–and I still have not mastered which entrees should be eaten with the proper condiments.

In addition, I was only armed that day with my celphone camera.

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With Art Trippers, Gamers, Shooters, and Sharks

My Art Studies subject required me to attend Art in the Park at Salcedo Village.  The agenda was for the class to meet there at 6 PM and accomplish a preparatory exercise for our final paper.

Art in the Park first started in 2006.  The idea behind it was to have an outdoor fair that made art accessible to buyers.  By “accessible” it means the art featured there costs Php 20,000 or less.  (But there were some pieces that amounted to Php 30,000.)  One of the organizers from the Museum Foundation was apparently inspired by the Affordable Art Fair by the London Royal Academy and decided to adapt it to the Philippine setting.  It has had a positive and successful reception ever since.  The thrill, in my experience, lay in appreciating the works in an outdoor, very casual, neighborhood atmosphere.  (Note: I picked up a neighborhood, upper-class Makati vibe more than a bohemian fair vibe because a jazz strings trio was performing live and there was a booth serving expensive wine.  The park had as many expats as Filipinos and around a few celebrities milling around.)   Maybe viewing art outside the typical stiff gallery set-up subconsciously encouraged art aficionados to buy more “everyday” contemporary art as opposed to large heirloom pieces.

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Music for Jazz Dancers

I found another freestyle jazz set on, which is quickly becoming my favorite source for non-mainstream music.  (This is just for my personal reference since I always forget where I save my music.) I want to buy almost all the tracks on this album but the prices are in pounds. :(

About the album…

‘Music for Jazz Dancers’ is a selection of hot & exclusive tunes taken directly from DJ Adrian Gibsons’ sets at ‘Messin’ Around’, the club he has been running for 14 years with DJ Perry Louis (who is also the leader of the Jazz CoTech Dancers)

The UK Jazz-Dance Scene is a uniquely positioned scene that has sent shock waves around the world and influenced countless artists, DJ’s and Dancers. Despite this, it is surprisingly sparsely documented with regards to CD’s, Books and articles detailing the songs, dance moves, key DJ’s, dancers and clubs. Luckily, we recently had the fantastic ‘From Jazz Funk & Fusion to Acid Jazz’ by Freestyle recording artist/DJ and now author Mark ‘Snowboy’ Cotgrove’

Peter Herbolzheimer’s Rhythm Combination & Brass featuring Dianne Reeves kick off the CD with a storming rendition of the Ray Noble jazz standard ‘Cherokee’ which was initially made famous by Charlie Parker. Other highlights include Primo & the Groupe’s ‘A Child Runs Free’, a wonderful modern take on Fred Johnson’s notoriously rare Vocal Jazz track, and Marcos Ariel’s ‘Samba Torto’ which is Brazilian Samba-Fusion of the highest order.

Music For Jazz Dancers draws together be-bop, nu-jazz, big band and samba/jazz fusion sounds, the common denominator being that they all inspire hot heeled hoofers to throw jazz shapes across discerning dancefloors the world over! If you like what you have heard you can visit some of the Jazz-Dance clubs like ‘Shiftless Shuffle’ or ‘Out To Lunch’ to experience the music and atmosphere for yourself.

Released by: Freestyle Records
Release/catalogue number: fsrcd074
Release date: May 31, 201


Manifesto in a Clear Language

Manifesto in a Clear Language

by antonin artaud, december 1925

If I believe neither in Evil nor in Good, if I feel such a strong inclination to destroy, if there is nothing in the order of principles to which I can reasonably accede, the underlying reason is in my flesh.

I destroy because for me everything that proceeds from reason is untrustworthy. I believe only in the evidence of what stirs my marrow, not in the evidence of what addresses itself to my reason. I have found levels in the realm of the nerve.

I now feel capable of evaluating the evidence. There is for me an evidence in the realm of pure flesh which has nothing to do with the evidence of reason. The eternal conflict between reason and the heart is decided in my very flesh, but in my flesh irrigated by nerves. In the realm of the affective imponderable, the image provided by my nerves takes the form of the highest intellectuality, which I refuse to strip of its quality of intellectuality. And so it is that I watch the formation of a concept which carries within it the actual fulguration of things, a concept which arrives upon me with a sound of creation. No image satisfies me unless it is at the same time Knowledge, unless it carries with it its substance as well as its lucidity. My mind, exausted by discursive reason, wants to be caught up in the wheels of a new, an absolute gravitation. For me it is like a supreme reorganization in which only the laws of illogic participate, and in which there triumphs the discovery of a new Meaning. This Meaning which has been lost in the disorder of drugs and which presents the appearance of a profound intelligence to the contradictory phantasms of the sleep. This Meaning is a victory of the mind over itself, and although it is irreducible by reason, it exists, but only inside the mind. It is order, it is intelligence, it is the signification of chaos. But it does not accept this chaos as such, it interprets it, and because it interprets it, it loses it. It is the logic of illogic. And this is all one can say. My lucid unreason is not afraid of chaos.

I renounce nothing of that which is the Mind. I want only to transport my mind elsewhere with its laws and organs. I do not surrender myself to the sexual mechanism of the mind, but on the contrary within this mechanism I seek to isolate those discoveries which lucid reason does not provide. I surrender to the fever of dreams, but only in order to derive from them new laws. I seek multiplication, subtlety, the intellectual eye in delirium, not rash vaticination. There is a knife which I do not forget.

But it is a knife which is halfway into dreams, which I keep inside myself, which I do not allow to come to the frontier of the lucid senses.

That which belongs to the realm of the image is irreducible by reason and must remain within the image or be annihilated.

Nevertheless, there is a reason in images, there are images which are clearer in the world of image-filled vitality.

There is in the immediate teeming of the mind a multiform and dazzling insinuation of animals. This insensible and thinking dust is organized according to laws which it derives from within itself, outside the domain of clear reason or of thwarted consciousness or reason.

In the exalted realm of images, illusion properly speaking, or material error, does not exist, much less the illusion of knowledge: but this is all the more reason why the meaning of a new knowledge can and must descend into the reality of life.

The truth of life lies in the impulsiveness of matter. The mind of man has been poisoned by concepts. Do not ask him to be content, ask him only to be calm, to believe that he has found his place. But only the madman is really calm.

“Paper Bag” by Fiona Apple music video

Sarcastic lyrics aside, I like how they made little boys dress up as 1930’s gangsters and dance the foxtrot around her.  Cute.

Hunger hurts, and I want him so bad, oh it kills
’cause I know I’m a mess he don’t wanna clean up
I got to fold ’cause these hands are too shaky to hold
Hunger hurts, but starving works, when it costs too much to love

Something I never noticed…

I never realized that the logo of Toblerone has a bear hidden in the Swiss Alps.  My brother pointed it out to me during dinner time.

(from graphicdesignblog)

Iconomimicry or Rock the House

He never ceases to amaze me.

From the foto_decadent community on Livejournal.

Editorial: Rock the House
Magazine: Vogue US
Issue: November 2001
Models: Karolina Kurkova, Devon Aoki, Fanni Bostrom, Audrey Marnay, Tasha Tilberg, Sophie Dahl, Kiara Kabukuru, Omahyra Mota, Hannelore Knuts, Diana Meszaros, Cyrille Victor, Matt Duffie, Karen Elson, and others.
Photographer: Steven Mesiel

A preview of my favorite fashion editorial…

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Storefront for Art and Architecture

Storefront for Art and Architecture, a gallery space that was a collaborative building project by artist Vito Acconci and architect Steven Holl.

The picture below is their newly renovated facade.

Storefront for Art and Architecture
97 Kenmare Street
New York, NY 10012

I just have to go inside when I go to the States. Wonder when that will be.

I miss the rain

Now presenting, Photographer of the Day!!

Éole‘s photos are always refreshing to look at.  He’s a Paris-based photographer whose account I’ve stumbled upon in Flickr.  (Click each picture for his captions.)

I especially like some of his people shots.  The subjects look genuinely happy.

But my favorite out of them all is this…

I suddenly started missing the rain.  Today was especially bright and HOT.  Go away sun, GO AWAAAAAAY!