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Stupid Indignation and Fashionista Patriotism (Repost)

It’s embarrassing that as a nation–I generalize–we can get so riled up over the most trivial things.  Call this indignation an offshoot of bayanihan, and on a larger scale, patriotism.  But in truth, we’re just simply pikon (thin-skinned). 

(link to the original article from Better Philippines)

Apr 5 2010

I was totally disconnected from the internet these past few days so I was completely out of the loop with regards to the latest righteous indignation gimmick of emo-Pinoys over a statement made by comedian Adam Carolla. Much has already been said mostly by Pinoys who don’t get the basic truth that our penchant for riding on the victories of a singular Pinoy such as Manny Pacquiao is symptomatic of our utter lack of real collective achievement.

Come on let’s all wake up from our delusions of greatness. There’s no need for us to get all riled up over Carolla’s statements, which are quite accurate actually. The best thing for us to do is to reflect on what’s been said, identify the problem and come up with a way to correct what’s causing outsiders to have a negative perception of us.

Out of curiosity, I visited Carolla’s Facebook page. As I expected, there I found a steady barrage of attacks from Pinoys who don’t get it. These people are just making it much worse. Obviously, they don’t realize that by ganging up on Carolla they’re just validating the comedian’s statement. Di ba kayo nahihiya sa pinaggagagawa ninyo?

These anti-Carolla emo-Pinoys probably think the same as those superficial Pinoys who think and feel so patriotic every time they wear the national colors and/or that ubiquitous Philippine map shirt logo, or worse, that yellow (God, help this country!) ribbon. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out later that many of these people actually belong to the same clique.

God, please help this country!

Stupid, stupid, stupid! How can we evolve if we can’t even accept criticism, especially one that has some truth to it? And, to think Filipinos in general are also just as guilty of discriminatory behavior.

I’m a Filipino and I know I love my country. However, I do not feel compelled to engage in superficial acts of “patriotism.” For one, I maintain a firm grasp of reality and as such will never ever believe emo-crap like “where I come from everyone’s a hero” or that Filipinos have a monopoly of bayanihan. Neither do I feel the need to go fashionista with any sense of patriotism I have.

Yikes! I’m getting all indignant over this stupid anti-Carolla indignation. I better stop now. Anyway, for your enlightenment please read this interesting piece from a fellow Filipino and this one from an American who probably has more genuine concern for this country than the typical sakay-sa-uso Pinoy.

Anyway, I ended up reading other blogs’ takes on the issues.  A repost of one commenter’s insight:

benign0 said…

Bottomline as Ben says is that the stigma whether fairly or unfairly so continues to stick like a rash to Pinoys. No amount of foot-stomping or quaint cussing will erase it. The only way it will be erased is if and when Pinoys deliver results by way of concrete and measureable achievements that are recognised by the global community.

It’s a hard road to follow, but then it is only via the hard road that real respect can be earned sustainably.

Sheesh. I don’t even consider myself a hardline patriot but I’m rather disappointed and disgusted that so many fail to see it in that light.


A feeling of apprehension towards the New Year

Reposted from the blog Indolent Indio.  Couldn’t agree more…

4 Pinoy Christmas traditions (that have to go)

  1. The Metro Manila Film Fest
  2. Zombie Christmas Carol Armies
  3. Lazy Children Asking For Change
  4. Picky Cab Driver Choose-Athon

Another thing that I hope to see gone–maybe it is TOO much to ask–this 2010 is our overly defensive reaction to every little joke, snide and critical remark towards our person.  To put it bluntly, madali mapikon ang mga Pinoy.  [Read: Claire Danes comments after filming Brokedown Palace, Alec Baldwin on the David Letterman Show]  For a nation that allows trashy shows like Wowowee to poke fun at the impoverishment and ignorance of the masses, Filipinos do tend to overreact when the poking comes from foreign sources.  Funny how it’s these issues, small ones in comparison to the real issues (i.e. corruption, poverty, lousy educational system) that unite Filipinos from all over the world in retaliation.  Regarding the Alec Baldwin’s comment, the David Letterman Show makes fun of everyone–even the Pope.  His comments are fair game to me.

Before I forget, there is also Chip Tsao’s article.  Read it carefully before blowing your top and denouncing the Chinese race.  If you did not catch the satire in the article, read an actual explanation of the joke by Joseph Dent (Indolent Indio). Apparently not many Filipinos are aware of Chip Tsao’s “eloquence, humorous and punchy writing style as a journalist-turned-columnist (and critic)”, and of the importance of looking up the writer.

Sorry to end my last 2009 post on a cynical note.  It’s a few days away from the new year, and a new decade too.  I am hoping for the best for a lot of things–my school work, current events, and most important of all, the upcoming elections–but apprehension outweighs anticipation at the moment.

(4 Pinoy Christmas traditions-Curious? Read it all here…)

Suspended Classes till Friday?!–please verify

According to Gibo…

Interesting how Twitter has become almost as widely used as text messaging for disseminating information.

I am a bit skeptical because the University tends to deviate from such public announcements from government officials. Till then, let’s wait for Chancellor Cao’s announcement.

And my reaction…

I ended up getting a Twitter account after that.

Wow.  This will definitely eat up into the sembreak.

How climate change hits the Philippines

It only takes one unexpected downpour to become a natural calamity.

According to PAGASA terminologies:

  • Light rains have a rate of fall of 2.5 mm per hour.
  • Moderate rains have a rate of fall from 2.5 mm to 7.5 mm per hour.
  • Heavy rains have a rate of fall greater than 7.5 mm per hour.

Citing PAGASA records, Cruz said that a total 341.3 mm amount of rainfall had been dumped in Quezon City from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. last Saturday, just six hours following the actual landfall of Tropical Storm “Ondoy” in Central and Southern Luzon provinces. The 24-hour amount of rainfall is expected to overtake the 344 mm level recorded on a 24-hour period on June 7, 1967. —Rio Rose Ribaya.

341.33 mm in Quezon City aloneMetro Manila got one month of rainfall in just 6 hours.

So much wasted in lost lives and destroyed properties.  In addition, so much water wasted. You do the math.

I sincerely hope that this incident is a wake-up call for the government and especially the presidential hopefuls to improve the country’s infrastructure.

In the meantime, stay safe everyone!