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Warning: It’s a KIKAY post

I never liked summer weather. It’s also funny that I’m organizing a beach trip as a graduation getaway for my friends and I.  To make things worse, I am especially prone to hyperpigmentation on any inflamed area on my skin–pimples, post-acne scars, rashes etc.  Which means I have to wear a high-SPF sunblock everyday.  And the heat, humidity, dust from commuting, and sunblock melting on the face are not the best sensations to feel simultaneously.

This is what I currently use.  It feels pretty light on the skin even after 6 hours of hot weather.  But I haven’t tested it yet during the hottest summer months.  I could use a better formulation with the same SPF that is preferably water-based.

Usually when my family goes to the beach, we take a detour in Tagaytay (or at least for the past two or so trips).  I end up slightly overdressed at our end destination.

Yes, I miss December weather and the rainy season that much.  Haha! I found these on Facebook.  My newsfeed is always flooded with friends who get tagged in online sellers’ albums.  (Its quite annoying sometimes because these sellers tag them for products such as glutathione and other bogus-sounding weight loss drugs.  And they TAG by the MULTITUDE.)  I don’t even know the brands of these clothes, but fortunately they are considerably cheaper than the European and American mall counterparts.

Couldn’t resist posting my favorite look from The Sartorialist’s most recent trip to Seoul.  One of the rare occasions I approve of feather boas.  And I really love her smile.