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Giffen Goods 2010

Dear Santa, I hope I’m not too old to ask for any of the following.  Whether you deliver them by Christmas or on my birthday, any date is fine.  As you’ve already known, I have a penchant for luxury items.

Back to reality. I think it’s good that I post every now and then my material wants.  Personal fulfillment, prestige, learning experience, the diploma just don’t cut it as worthwhile motivations for me to do well in my studies–and much later–work.  Alright, I will admit that material possessions should not be the measure of one’s true success, nor should they be one’s driving force.  But to be honest, I can hardly imagine myself 10 years from now as a successful architect.  It’s much easier to fantasize about the rewards of working hard.  I’ve worked better in the past with a clear “end” in sight.  Haha!  Maybe after a few years I will go back to this blog post and see if I own any of these items.

On to the wishlist:

1. Dolce and Gabbana Anthology 3 L’Imperatrice perfume

2. Burberry Touch for Women perfume

3. Clipa bag hook

4. Charriol Kimono necklace – This is probably the (priciest) item that I will use the least but I believe I should own at least one piece of statement jewelry in my lifetime.

5. Canon SX30 – Basically, it’s a point-and-shoot one step away from an DSLR.

6. Certina watch with strictly the following specs.  I’m being conservative with my choice of watches here because there are others that I want with a bigger price tag).  I like Certina’s styles because they are both trendy and sophisticated.  Also, the sapphire crystal face on all three of my choices guards against nicks and scratches from regular use.

7. Adidas taekwondo shoes – Clearly the black sheep of the bunch.


Poker Cases and Trunks

A trunk is one of those things that I wish I could own simply for the sheer novelty of it.  Hehehe!  Ambitious dreams aside, I don’t even see the point of owning luggage this expensive because they all get the same rough treatment at the airport. Yes, even first-class passenger luggage.

But still, one pays for quality of the craftsmanship.  I think I’d want my travel luggage to age as well as this.

My mom and I were curious about the Toys and Trunks Exhibit of Louis Vuitton.  We were looking for the venue at the mall last Friday, but since we were pressed for time, hungry, and worried about traffic, we decided to go home instead.

“This particular trunk is covered with zinc metal, circa 1888– highly resistant to parasites and shocks!”

Good thing The Bag Hag Diaries did a report on the exhibit.  I more or less have an idea on what would have seen.

Speaking of really nice carrying cases, Karl Lagerfeld had this trunk customized for his twenty iPoD’s.  Wow, twenty… (Photo from

The case of the 2010 FIFA World Cup trophy.

The store at Greenbelt had this gambling trunk on display.  And…and…I fell in love with it.  (Photos from

Nokia C5: a week-end non-techie user’s review

I recently lost my Sony Ericsson K810i phone (see below) on my way to school.  Thankfully—in a way—my phone was stolen on a Friday, so I was able to get a replacement by Sunday afternoon.

I did not have strict requirements for the next phone.  In fact, I don’t even remember myself playing with the games and the other bells and whistles on the Ericsson.  Apart from calling and texting (duh!), the camera and the alarm clock were the two most heavily used features.  Naturally, I applied the same criteria on the replacement phone:

  1. It should have a camera decent enough to take pictures of textbooks and the whiteboard.
  2. There should be an alarm clock.  And also the ability to schedule multiple alarms.
  3. The combined memory of both the phone and memory card should hold enough songs to stave off boredom for an hour.  Or at least till the next professor arrives.
  4. Texter-friendly.  Look at my old Ericsson and you’ll know why.  :)

The Nokia c3 was suggested to me because it had a QWERTY keyboard for a very good price.  But I decided against it because it only had a 2 megapizel camera.  The 5 megapizel cameras were sadly out of the budget.

This is what I got, the Nokia C5.  The presence of a camera was definitely the main determining factor.  The saleslady’s words, “3G capable… a Smartphone…Edge…GPRS…Symbian OS…Email (bingo!)…Push Email“, practically blew over my head.  We found out that the C5 was Php 3,500 cheaper than the Ericsson; Dad gave his stamp of approval.  After 5 minutes I was using it because my parents had other errands to take care off.

The keyboard interface of the C5 was very similar–except for the space bar button–to the K810i so it was relatively easy to adapt. No, in fact it was MUCH easier to text and navigate because of the C5’s generous keypad.  This is what I missed about Nokia phones, broad, springy keys that make texting rather enjoyable–even if it’s not a QWERTY keypad.  Also, Nokia responds better to hypertexting than Sony Ericsson, which sometimes lags behind my texting by 4 letters.

In the span of 2 hours, I discovered…

There are around 3 levels in the menu that I had to explore.  It was a bit confusing and overwhelming to try to remember under which icon a particular app can be found.  Again, it’s all part of the getting-to-know-new-phone stage.  Apparently, I can also attach a picture to contacts in the Phonebook.  Ovi Maps was fun to explore—I found my house!—but the GPS still needed a satellite connection.  I tried to access my Gmail account and to my dismay, MY PHONE DOES NOT SUPPORT WIFI.   :( :( :(

(From left to right: Menu, Contacts, Email, Ovi Maps.  Photos from

By the end of the first week, I still haven’t explored all the features of the C5.  What I do know is that the C5 also has document viewers for Powerpoint, Word, and Workbook.  I have to purchase a license to unlock these applications, therefore, I won’t.  The in-call and audio playback quality is decent but the sound quality from the headset provided seemed a bit hollow-sounding to me.

“Politicizing Sexual Identities with Space and Place”, “Psychology of Architecture”, and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows”.  I uploaded random PDF’s into Adobe Reader.  Who knows when I’ll be stuck in a long, long line or stranded at a terminal?  Any cure for boredom is welcome in my book but I would opt for reading material with larger text.  And I think I am more likely to use the MP3 player anyway.

As for the Symbian OS, I have read user reviews comparing it to the Blackberry and iPhone OS.  I’m not particularly concerned which one among the three is the worst OS because I prefer to do all my computing on a laptop.  (Symbian is the current OS of Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Sharp and Fujitsu…whatever the figures are supposed to mean to IT professionals.)

My only pet peeve with the C5 is that it’s camera has only a fixed focus capability.  Its functions are quite limited and the color representations tend to be exaggerated in some conditions.  Every time I exit the Camera application, it always reverts back to the default setting unlike my old phone which saves all changes to the camera settings.  Hmmm… Maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on the C5’s camera in the first place because the Sony Ericsson’s camera was a Cybershot to begin with.  Given the C5 camera’s basic features, it should be enough for taking pictures of library textbooks and the whiteboard.  (I will still miss the Ericsson’s camera more!)

The Nokia C5 is not my dream phone.  But it makes a very good replacement, given that my needs are more Spartan than what it provides for.  In fact, I find some of the apps a bit unnecessary like Friendster, hi5, and Myspace.  (I also have this Message Reader app that reads the message senders’ names in a disjointed British voice–now what am I going to do with THAT?)  My complaints with the fixed-focus camera and lack of WiFi still stand, but overall, I’m satisfied with the new phone.

My Birthday Wishlist

It’s only less than a month till my birthday and I have not decided what I want to ask from my parents.  Every year, I usually ask for cash, which is enough to make me happy.  Anyway,  I decided to compile a wishlist.

Humor me ok? It’s nice to fantasize once in a while.

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Decor’s completely up!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Quite late for me to be saying this.  I think mom did a fantastic job in decorating the house.

Look Cat! Your flowers are on display! :)

Point and shoot

Transformers on the river?  I took this during the fieldtrip cruise (not kidding) down the Pasig River yesterday.  There wasn’t much to see but the whole point of the trip was to see Metro Manila from a different perspective.  The ferry dropped us off at Escolta Station.  I got suckered into trying a supposedly novel drink called hopia coffee at Polland.  I thought the coffee tasted like hopia.  Sadly, it was just blended iced coffee, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and hopia toppings.

My sister’s drawing mannequins. Ummm…. Yihee!

Leica M7 Edition Hermès

Iconic German camera firm Leica has just unveiled a new, limited special edition – the Leica M7 Edition Hermès, designed in collaboration with the famed French fashion house. Only 200 silver chrome 35 mm cameras will be available starting next month wrapped in two colors of exclusive Hermès ‘Veau Swift’ leather: orange and étoupe (green), 100 examples of each priced at about $14,000. The special Leica M7 Edition Hermès set also includes a matching, silver anodised Leica SUMMILUX-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH. wide-angle lens. The lens is complemented by a classical round lens hood in silver anodised metal manufactured exclusively for the Edition Hermès. The set also includes a Leicavit M rapid winder finished in silver chrome. The finishing touch to the special edition is provided by a real leather carrying strap handcrafted by Atelier Hermès to match the color of the camera chosen. The camera marks the second collaboration between Leica and Hermès.  —

$14,000 = Php 656,742.94. One heartachingly lust-worthy camera.

Back one day early

I just got back from Baler, Aurora two hours ago.  The trip would have been relaxing if it weren’t for design class always at the back of my mind.  A classmate tried to reassure me by saying that I would be inspired the moment I saw the general area.

I’m not inspired.  And I’m getting scared.

Here, I want share another interesting item I found in my frantic search for inspiration.  Got it from  A no-brainer as to what it is about.  Check it out, I ORDER YOU.

For some strange reason, I particularly like this drawing.

Even boys play with dollhouses

One of the blogs that I follow from time to time is Chuvaness, the blog of Philippine Star’s creative director and fashion columnist Cecile Van Straten.  Anyway, since I’m on design mode, this particular post of hers caught my attention.

To summarize, her two sons make dioramas/play bachelor’s pad/play “bahay-bahayan” with their WWE figurines.

…If you don’t believe in Santa, you won’t get a present from him.
In unison, both boys replied, “I believe.”
That settled, I discovered that the boys create funny dioramas out of their WWE toy collection.

The wrestlers keep them busy for hours.

I decided that this Christmas, Santa will give them a house.
I’ve been looking for non-girly dollhouses online and found these:
First, a wooden clubhouse by Plan Toys. So macho!

On to the hardcore, adult stuff… Haha!

And then I came across Villa Sibi, which is no longer for children.

I’m vaguely reminded of the chipboard sketch models I did during my first and second years.

Chip board sketch models, EAT YOU HEART OUT!

Villa Sibi is actually a modern dollhouse designed by interior architect Wolfgang Sirch and wood sculptor Christoph Bitzer in 2004.  This model comes with a garden and pool house all made of birch wood.  AND it comes with matching beech furniture too!

(I would not let my kids play with this.)

The Sirch-Bitzer team have been designing handmade wood products for children in their factory in Bavaria.  The Sibi line of products featured in this post have been in the market since 2000.  BUT the Sirch family business has been around for over 30o years.

Handmade, WOODEN toys for (possibly) hyperactive children. Wow…

Maybe I am being a bit too skeptical because I have not been exposed to materials other than plastic and rubber for children’s toys.  But since we’re dealing with German design and craftsmanship–yeah–why am I being so apprehensive?!

I really want the sled!

And it’s OUT OF STOCK! :(