How to Rush Bookbind Your Thesis, Amazing Race Style

My college experience would not be complete without embarking on one last crazy adventure/fieldtrip…

MISSION: Have thesis book-bound before March 24. Avoid going to Recto at all costs. Jam and I are hopeless at exploring unknown places, and I seriously doubted that Myel could efficiently navigate the area by herself.

[Myel, what I meant was that we could not help you navigate because Jam and I don’t know the areas at all! :) ]

ROUTE: Kebs! Bahala na or To hell with it!

DATE: March 23, 2011

TIME: 15:00

TEAM MEMBERS: Jam, Myel, and I


From school, we took a taxi to Teachers Village to drop of my laptop.

We received a common tip from several sources that there were “a lot” of shops in Project 7 that did rush book binding jobs.  Exactly where those shops were, we didn’t know.

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On Daniel Libeskind

One of the most visited museums in Berlin city (



by Regina Vergara

with minor additions by Prof. Purissima Benitez-Johannot

Deconstructivism in art and architecture emerged as an offshoot of French philosopher, Jacques Derrida’s ideas.  Derrida proposed this new strategy as a way of reading philosophical or literary texts in order to fully understand its message.  To deconstruct a work, the following questions must be asked: “What do the authors do to be able to postulate unassailable truths and absolute concepts in their works?  What do they do to convincingly justify and assert the basic principles or foundations on which their theories are based?  And failing this: what lengths will they go, what subterfuges and simplifications are they prepared to employ, in order to arrive at philosophy that fully accords with their view of reality?” (Müller in Noever 10).

Although architecture is capable of expressing the aesthetic concept of the architect, it is still subject to scientific and technical rationality.  As a product of man that has—since time immemorial– “sheltered” or “provided a cover/venue” for his activities, it simply cannot be separated from its functional purpose.  The fundamental laws of physics and the time period’s technology also set the boundaries of architecture’s design development.  The use of Classical design principles was never completely detached from architecture till the onset of Modernism and Post-Modernism.  During the first three decades of the 20th century architecture, alongside art, was adapted to the process of social rationalization because architects desired that it express the rational advance of mankind.  Deconstructivism thus aims to reduce all forms of architecture to pure geometric forms (Müller in Noever 7-12).

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In Memoriam

Life catches you unawares. A batchmate from Woodrose just died a few hours ago due to viral pneumonia.  It was an unknown strain, and from what I have been told, the doctors could not find a cure.  No one was expecting it.  We weren’t close but wow… At this point in my life, I’m expecting that everyone from high school and college is busy moving forward in career, love, and life.  Then someone who I spent 11 years of school and practically grew up with is suddenly gone.

I don’t think it’s fair.  God has his reasons for calling you early.  Rest in peace, Michele Joson.

(She’s the girl in the center)

Warning: It’s a KIKAY post

I never liked summer weather. It’s also funny that I’m organizing a beach trip as a graduation getaway for my friends and I.  To make things worse, I am especially prone to hyperpigmentation on any inflamed area on my skin–pimples, post-acne scars, rashes etc.  Which means I have to wear a high-SPF sunblock everyday.  And the heat, humidity, dust from commuting, and sunblock melting on the face are not the best sensations to feel simultaneously.

This is what I currently use.  It feels pretty light on the skin even after 6 hours of hot weather.  But I haven’t tested it yet during the hottest summer months.  I could use a better formulation with the same SPF that is preferably water-based.

Usually when my family goes to the beach, we take a detour in Tagaytay (or at least for the past two or so trips).  I end up slightly overdressed at our end destination.

Yes, I miss December weather and the rainy season that much.  Haha! I found these on Facebook.  My newsfeed is always flooded with friends who get tagged in online sellers’ albums.  (Its quite annoying sometimes because these sellers tag them for products such as glutathione and other bogus-sounding weight loss drugs.  And they TAG by the MULTITUDE.)  I don’t even know the brands of these clothes, but fortunately they are considerably cheaper than the European and American mall counterparts.

Couldn’t resist posting my favorite look from The Sartorialist’s most recent trip to Seoul.  One of the rare occasions I approve of feather boas.  And I really love her smile.

LED Lights in Milan

This video, “Watch your day in 2020 [Future Technology]”, has been circulating in my Twitter and Facebook newsfeed last week.  I cannot imagine more than half of my furniture covered with touchscreen consoles.  It might not work for me as I like screen surfaces shiny and fingerprint-free.  Anyway…

What seems to be a more realistic–not to mention, affordable–technological development is the use of more LED lights.

These are LED lights that are part of an installation by Chiara Lampugnani for the Milan International Light Exhibition Design (LED) Festival that is held every winter.

Session at BuCor

Left Quezon City during rush hour.  Took a very, very tight ride on the MRT to meet the guys, RJ and Martin, in Makati.  Our “fieldtrip” destination: the outdoor shooting range at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa.

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The Longest Day(s)/Thesis Account

It’s been nearly two weeks since my defense last Feb. 15.  (Yes, this is the long overdue post.)  And during the weeks leading to Doomsday, it truly felt like the agony would just keep on going, and going, and going.

Concept Board

In a gist, my thesis was to design a technical vocational school for construction workers.  The construction trades I was going to include in my main structure were carpentry, masonry, steel welding, steel scaffolding erection, tile setting, HVAC, electrical works, and painting.  The site was located in the South Science and Technology Park in U.P. Diliman.  In reality, the site is just a 7 hectare empty field.  My thesis professor added a hypothetical road network.  From there, the students chose their plots of land for their designs.

During the semester, I was more or less thrilled to have gotten a school for construction workers as a topic.  Well, it was my second-choice topic but I already had an inkling that this was what I wanted to work on since third year.  The topic was partially inspired by my dad, who would constantly comment on various parts of the house that were poorly executed.  I thought, “Hey! Why not propose a design for a construction school?”  I’ve encountered a lot of workers who’ve learned their trade as an informal apprentice.

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With Art Trippers, Gamers, Shooters, and Sharks

My Art Studies subject required me to attend Art in the Park at Salcedo Village.  The agenda was for the class to meet there at 6 PM and accomplish a preparatory exercise for our final paper.

Art in the Park first started in 2006.  The idea behind it was to have an outdoor fair that made art accessible to buyers.  By “accessible” it means the art featured there costs Php 20,000 or less.  (But there were some pieces that amounted to Php 30,000.)  One of the organizers from the Museum Foundation was apparently inspired by the Affordable Art Fair by the London Royal Academy and decided to adapt it to the Philippine setting.  It has had a positive and successful reception ever since.  The thrill, in my experience, lay in appreciating the works in an outdoor, very casual, neighborhood atmosphere.  (Note: I picked up a neighborhood, upper-class Makati vibe more than a bohemian fair vibe because a jazz strings trio was performing live and there was a booth serving expensive wine.  The park had as many expats as Filipinos and around a few celebrities milling around.)   Maybe viewing art outside the typical stiff gallery set-up subconsciously encouraged art aficionados to buy more “everyday” contemporary art as opposed to large heirloom pieces.

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BRGR: Burger Project

My brother and I were supposed to eat at Green Wok Deli & Cafe in Matalino St.  We changed our minds and decided to go to BRGR:  Burger Project instead.  Apparently, I am discovering all these restaurants really late because I never tried exploring Maginhawa St. till recently.  Burger Project opened last August 2010, by the way.  Their main attraction is that you can, as the owners say, “Build your own burger!”

(Photo Credit:

Shot of the interiors first. Hmmm… Next time our foodtrips should be in the morning so the lighting is better.

After looking at the blackboard for guidance, we placed our orders.  Below is Chito’s order form


And now for the moment of truth! At this point we were practically salivating.

Chito customized his burger.  His order had Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and wasabi sauce on an oatmeal vegan bun.

I decided to try out their designer burger recipes. So got a Bleu Buffalo which consisted of bleu cheese, buffalo wing sauce, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

We also had two tofu patties in each of our burgers.  2 BIG, JUICY PATTIES. Again, whenever Chito and I eat out, the “theme” is always vegetarian. (My brother isn’t a vegetarian but is open to trying out new types of food.)  And hey, we were hungry.

We topped of our dinner with sweet potato fries.

I really don’t remember how much our individual orders cost.  We spent Php 500 on our burgers alone.  One tofu patty cost Php 75 (times 2 per burger), and Php 15 (times 2) for oatmeal vegan patties.  The fries cost Php 60.

I forgot to add that they  have chicken, regular beef and Angus Beef patties. :)

If you want to check out the restaurant which I highly recommend for their hefty servings… A word of caution, don’t get too carried away with the choosing the toppings.   Chito and I were slightly shocked at our total bill.

BRGR: Burger Project

122 Maginhawa Street
Teachers Village
Quezon City
11am to 1am

Sneak Preview

Better than most of what I’ve done in the past. But I still hate it. Same as my chef friend (who worked for a time in Aubergine, a fine dining restaurant in Fort Bonifacio), who can’t stand the taste of her cooking.  Or like Eva Green, who can’t stand watching herself strip onscreen.