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Community service in Baler, Aurora

My section, along with other master’s students from U.P. and N.T.U. (National Taiwan University) went to Baler, Aurora for community service and research.

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Back one day early

I just got back from Baler, Aurora two hours ago.  The trip would have been relaxing if it weren’t for design class always at the back of my mind.  A classmate tried to reassure me by saying that I would be inspired the moment I saw the general area.

I’m not inspired.  And I’m getting scared.

Here, I want share another interesting item I found in my frantic search for inspiration.  Got it from tinyhouseblog.com.  A no-brainer as to what it is about.  Check it out, I ORDER YOU.

For some strange reason, I particularly like this drawing.

Short Update

Hell month is going smoothly.  It is, as it should be, perfectly hellish.  Still carrying on even though I am worrying at the back of my mind, “Will I make it out alive? Or not?”

Integrative and cumulative learning. The devil resides in the details–YES.  Design is giving me anxiety attacks.

On a lighter note, I am leaving for Quezon province tomorrow at 6:30 AM for community service.  I and my other classmates from CWTS will be joining graduate class of U.P. and National Taiwan University.  They have not assigned anything to us yet.  I’m excited to see the site.  I just hope I am not too tired when I get back.