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After 2 Days of Being 22…

Status report.

I don’t feel older.  If turning a year older is supposed to be marked by some epiphany, well, I probably missed it in my sleep.  Besides, 22 does not count as a milestone age to me.

I don’t feel any wiser either.  Considering what has happened to me the past few months, I don’t feel any wiser from having learned from that mistake.  I’m still paying for it.  I should have known better. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER.

As a professional student… I don’t feel any wiser in that department either.  It’s less than a semester before the thesis year, and I feel like I have not learned enough.  In fact the more that I think about what I don’t know, the more I am overwhelmed.   Ever try to recount every single bit of graphic information related to your profession?  Maybe eating a page from the Architectural Graphic Standards every day will help. Haha!

Oddly enough, I’m content with 90% of whatever is going on with my life; happy even.  The remaining 10%, I’ll know by March, then strategize the battle plan from there.


My Birthday Wishlist

It’s only less than a month till my birthday and I have not decided what I want to ask from my parents.  Every year, I usually ask for cash, which is enough to make me happy.  Anyway,  I decided to compile a wishlist.

Humor me ok? It’s nice to fantasize once in a while.

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