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Because Technophobes Need All the Help They Can Get

When I was offered a new phone after my old one was pick-pocketed, I settled for a Nokia C5 I wanted to keep things simple.  I thought the only essential functions I needed for a phone were the calling, texting, rudimentary camera and alarm clock functions.  Never mind WiFi capability.  I figured that I was already glued to the computer long enough not to consider a WiFi capable celphone a necessity.

Back then, in college, it was easier to share and interact with people that I saw on a near-daily basis.  The other avenues where I could share to a wider audience were this blog, my Flickr page and Facebook.  At the university, I shared my work with my peers and professors by printing out hard copies and exhibiting them.


Now I bet you are wondering why anyone would settle for a low-end smartphone. Reader, you probably guessed right.  I am a self-confessed technophobe.


While most of my friends had already upgraded to phone/laptop software organizers to plan ahead, I was still stuck in the 19th century using good old-fashioned paper.


I survived college with a “system” of Post-It notes on my door and two Starbucks planners in which I used both during the toughest school year–THESIS YEAR.

I also had friends who I constantly–an UNDERSTATEMENT–asked to remind me about impending deadlines.

What I failed to consider was that a simple phone model does not necessarily equate to an efficient method of sharing oneself with the world.   My trusty Nokia has served me well in college and even until now.  However, I am about to enter the workforce in a few weeks time.  As an architect-apprentice, I need a mobile device that will allow me to send more data, especially pictures and videos, to more contacts.  (The 5 MP camera of the Blackberry Bold 9780 is perfect for the job.)

my DSLR → copy/paste to LAPTOP → attach to EMAIL  → send to FRIEND

my DSLR → copy/paste to LAPTOP → upload to IMAGESHACK  → send to BLOG

—-Imagine how much waiting time I could reduce if I did everything with the Blackberry!—-

photo from BLACKBERRY → connect to WiFi → send to CLIENT

I could have tweeted a photo of my first breakfast in France.  The cafe had free WiFi, but my phone couldn’t connect!  :(


The solution to a technophobe’s woes: The BlackBerry Bold 9780.  With it I could gain convenient, meaningful, substantial communication with the people who matter.


I have got to hand it to BlackBerry Messenger for including nifty indicators that tell whether your message has been read or not.  That means no more excuses for messages getting “swallowed up” by the network.


BlackBerry Groups would allow me to set up forums with other BlackBerry Messenger contacts.  It’s very much like carrying a message board wherever I go.  I can share pictures, calendars, task lists, and voice notes without the inconvenience of carrying a laptop to view them all.

I could get things done so much faster with the help of BlackBerry Messenger.  No need to bring around a heavy laptop and worry about Internet connection!  If there is one thing I never did enjoy with my current gadget set-up is that I have to relegate all group discussions to a chat program like Yahoo Messenger or Skype.  Why? It’s because my phone doesn’t have BlackBerry’s Group features.  With BlackBerry Messenger,   it will be very convenient for me to be able to communicate with friends and future clients alike while on the go.

Now that’s simplifying life, having less gadgets to carry!

Look at my contacts lists for Yahoo Messenger and Skype.  They’re practically empty!  No one stays at home on Friday and Saturday nights.  So what is the point of sticking to the static laptop cum DSL connection to communicate with people when they’re not online?



I’m still stuck in the Stone Age of smart phones and Internet mail. :(

It’s high time that I’ve graduated to a Blackberry Bold 9780.  I am a technophobe and I badly need to be cured!

[This is an entry for the WIN a Brand New BlackBerry Bold 9780! from Unbox.ph.  Thank you to Research In Motion and Virtusio Public Relations for making this contest possible!]