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The 3.5 Year Bucket List

1.   A new gadget

I think it’s high time I got a decent smartphone.  I was aspiring for a Blackberry at first but I realized I prioritized a large screen over anything else.  My most ambitious choice would be the Samsung Galaxy S II.


2.   Learn the basics of Parkour

I almost accomplished this one.  I was supposed to attend a basic workshop this coming October with my two siblings.  But the training schedule would not permit us to do so.  In addition, my parents suggested that one of my siblings get physically fit first before the three of us could train together.

My wanting to learn this for AGES is probably an offshoot of my climbing over objects and on trees as a child.


3.   Diversify my sources of income

I don’t want to rely purely on direct income.  Interesting enough, I thought I’d spend my very first paycheck on material wants.  But after looking at the the check, I suddenly got stingy.  At my level, the most that I could do is open a time deposit account.


4.   Pass the Architecture Board Exam


5.   Become a proficient marksman

This is Guo Wenjun, an Olympic shooter from Beijing.  I don’t want to reach that level but I want to be able to defend myself should there be a zombie apocalypse.  Haha!