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Christmas Parties 2010/Transition

Thoroughly enjoyed the last two days. I have always had mixed feelings towards Christmas parties.  They signify the end of the year, a reminder of how people around me have grown up and grown older, a reminder of how everything is simply in flux.  Despite the convenience that Facebook provides when it comes to keeping in touch, it is a whole different perspective when you come into physical contact with these people on a regular basis.  (I am TERRIBLE at keeping in touch through the Internet or text.) Coming from a high school and elementary barkada that has been together for 10 years, and still maintained close connections–yes, even the annual set of birthday celebrations–well…  I fear that without a common “meeting place” (i.e. school, G.E. subjects, my friends’ apartment) people will simply grow apart, the online interaction will cease, and individual people become just another online status.  Personally, I don’t want to be reminded that separation is only a few months away.


A feeling of apprehension towards the New Year

Reposted from the blog Indolent Indio.  Couldn’t agree more…

4 Pinoy Christmas traditions (that have to go)

  1. The Metro Manila Film Fest
  2. Zombie Christmas Carol Armies
  3. Lazy Children Asking For Change
  4. Picky Cab Driver Choose-Athon

Another thing that I hope to see gone–maybe it is TOO much to ask–this 2010 is our overly defensive reaction to every little joke, snide and critical remark towards our person.  To put it bluntly, madali mapikon ang mga Pinoy.  [Read: Claire Danes comments after filming Brokedown Palace, Alec Baldwin on the David Letterman Show]  For a nation that allows trashy shows like Wowowee to poke fun at the impoverishment and ignorance of the masses, Filipinos do tend to overreact when the poking comes from foreign sources.  Funny how it’s these issues, small ones in comparison to the real issues (i.e. corruption, poverty, lousy educational system) that unite Filipinos from all over the world in retaliation.  Regarding the Alec Baldwin’s comment, the David Letterman Show makes fun of everyone–even the Pope.  His comments are fair game to me.

Before I forget, there is also Chip Tsao’s article.  Read it carefully before blowing your top and denouncing the Chinese race.  If you did not catch the satire in the article, read an actual explanation of the joke by Joseph Dent (Indolent Indio). Apparently not many Filipinos are aware of Chip Tsao’s “eloquence, humorous and punchy writing style as a journalist-turned-columnist (and critic)”, and of the importance of looking up the writer.

Sorry to end my last 2009 post on a cynical note.  It’s a few days away from the new year, and a new decade too.  I am hoping for the best for a lot of things–my school work, current events, and most important of all, the upcoming elections–but apprehension outweighs anticipation at the moment.

(4 Pinoy Christmas traditions-Curious? Read it all here…)

Something is wrong in this picture


Something is not right with the animals in our Belen…

A close-up

Donkey, cow, the wise men’s horses or camels, and sheep–now those animals I can imagine in close proximity to the baby Jesus.  But FROGS and a TURTLE!?  As long as I could remember, the two clay frogs and plastic turtle have been included in the Nativity character lineup.  (Who knows, why should a Goliath frog not be present at the Nativity scene?  On second thought, I wouldn’t want something as disgustingly big as this to be near my child.–WeirdScienceControversies)

Lil' Miss Architect

Two wearable gifts I got from the same friend: One for motivation, the other one (the black belt) for a guilt trip.

Christmas 2009

Plants vs. Zombies lanterns

Plants vs. Zombies lanterns

The lantern by my college was a giant firefly. (I don’t have a nice shot of it though.)  To compliment it, the profs assigned their respective design classes to make plant and insect lanterns and/or headdresses.  I wanted to do a plant lantern too but my teacher opted to stick with insects.  Either way, the kids loved them.

other lanterns/headresses from the College of Architecture

other lanterns/headresses from the College of Architecture

Rome and his mutant cactus

Rome and his mutant cactus

I also distinctly remember that as we passed by the College of Law, several people started pointing to the lanterns and shrieking “OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Plants vs. Zombies!”  Just goes to show what unites us all in boredom. Haha!

Praying mantis lantern Giant Asian mantis

My hastily assembled lantern from colored paper, the sawn-off end of a Rotring tracing paper canister, and–if you care to look– a Nivea Visage Deep Pore Control bottle. Haha!  Some people asked me why a blue mantis.  Eh well…

Palma Hall was the first stop in the lanterns’ route around the University.  As always, we were greeted by a sea of faces…

Palma Hall

My friends, excluding me, exchanged gifts.  Note to self: NEVER declare bankruptcy during the Christmas season.  Idiot girl.  It’s nice to receive but the guilt that follows is overwhelming.

partial barkada

(From the top leftmost, then clockwise: Lauren, me, Myel, Jam, Dianne, Hershe, John Jan, Cat)

 Apparently this is what I missed… I had to leave early for Alabang. 

My friends testing out Pedro's new camera

Decor’s completely up!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Quite late for me to be saying this.  I think mom did a fantastic job in decorating the house.

Look Cat! Your flowers are on display! :)