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April 17, 2011.  Well, it all has to end at some point. :)

(Photo credits to my Dad and Myel Quianzon.)

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How to Rush Bookbind Your Thesis, Amazing Race Style

My college experience would not be complete without embarking on one last crazy adventure/fieldtrip…

MISSION: Have thesis book-bound before March 24. Avoid going to Recto at all costs. Jam and I are hopeless at exploring unknown places, and I seriously doubted that Myel could efficiently navigate the area by herself.

[Myel, what I meant was that we could not help you navigate because Jam and I don’t know the areas at all! :) ]

ROUTE: Kebs! Bahala na or To hell with it!

DATE: March 23, 2011

TIME: 15:00

TEAM MEMBERS: Jam, Myel, and I


From school, we took a taxi to Teachers Village to drop of my laptop.

We received a common tip from several sources that there were “a lot” of shops in Project 7 that did rush book binding jobs.  Exactly where those shops were, we didn’t know.

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The Longest Day(s)/Thesis Account

It’s been nearly two weeks since my defense last Feb. 15.  (Yes, this is the long overdue post.)  And during the weeks leading to Doomsday, it truly felt like the agony would just keep on going, and going, and going.

Concept Board

In a gist, my thesis was to design a technical vocational school for construction workers.  The construction trades I was going to include in my main structure were carpentry, masonry, steel welding, steel scaffolding erection, tile setting, HVAC, electrical works, and painting.  The site was located in the South Science and Technology Park in U.P. Diliman.  In reality, the site is just a 7 hectare empty field.  My thesis professor added a hypothetical road network.  From there, the students chose their plots of land for their designs.

During the semester, I was more or less thrilled to have gotten a school for construction workers as a topic.  Well, it was my second-choice topic but I already had an inkling that this was what I wanted to work on since third year.  The topic was partially inspired by my dad, who would constantly comment on various parts of the house that were poorly executed.  I thought, “Hey! Why not propose a design for a construction school?”  I’ve encountered a lot of workers who’ve learned their trade as an informal apprentice.

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Christmas Parties 2010/Transition

Thoroughly enjoyed the last two days. I have always had mixed feelings towards Christmas parties.  They signify the end of the year, a reminder of how people around me have grown up and grown older, a reminder of how everything is simply in flux.  Despite the convenience that Facebook provides when it comes to keeping in touch, it is a whole different perspective when you come into physical contact with these people on a regular basis.  (I am TERRIBLE at keeping in touch through the Internet or text.) Coming from a high school and elementary barkada that has been together for 10 years, and still maintained close connections–yes, even the annual set of birthday celebrations–well…  I fear that without a common “meeting place” (i.e. school, G.E. subjects, my friends’ apartment) people will simply grow apart, the online interaction will cease, and individual people become just another online status.  Personally, I don’t want to be reminded that separation is only a few months away.

Schaum’s outlines/Moving on…

(and the bi-annual post-sem review)

The Schaum’s Outlines Calculus textbook and workbook saved my brain from getting fried by Calculus.  I ended up enjoying Math 54 because of it.  Too bad I did not get these books when I was taking the prerequisite subject.  I would have gotten a better grade and wasted less time.

And just when I am about to finish–hopefully–all of my structurals series, I find these.  Idiot.  How I WISH I had these for the past four semesters.

Right now, I am waiting for my grades to be posted in the CRS website.  I don’t recall ever having fully relaxed during the first week of the semestral break because of the waiting.  I think the most agonizing school years/semesters were when I was still taking my basic Math and Physics subjects.  The CRS was in its early development stages.  Professors simply posted the final or pre-final standing outside their offices.  So, one can imagine the anxiety and inconvenience of having to go back and forth to check if the grades were actually posted.

My current anxiety is my second to the last structurals subject.  The last one, I’m even surprised I passed.

I’m still waiting for the “GO!” signal for me to proceed to my last semester.  I’m amazed I got through 5.5 years of college.  Personally, I do not even consider myself remotely intelligent as I have very poor retention skills.  I have to go over a lot of my lessons repeatedly just to retain a fraction if it–think Dory from “Finding Nemo”.  Haha!  It’s funny because I know I did more than the minimum requirement; repetitive study did pay off; my grades are generally above the passing mark but I still hate the results.  I don’t even like 90% of my design plates throughout my entire college stay.

Anyway, moving on.