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Poker Cases and Trunks

A trunk is one of those things that I wish I could own simply for the sheer novelty of it.  Hehehe!  Ambitious dreams aside, I don’t even see the point of owning luggage this expensive because they all get the same rough treatment at the airport. Yes, even first-class passenger luggage.

But still, one pays for quality of the craftsmanship.  I think I’d want my travel luggage to age as well as this.

My mom and I were curious about the Toys and Trunks Exhibit of Louis Vuitton.  We were looking for the venue at the mall last Friday, but since we were pressed for time, hungry, and worried about traffic, we decided to go home instead.

“This particular trunk is covered with zinc metal, circa 1888– highly resistant to parasites and shocks!”

Good thing The Bag Hag Diaries did a report on the exhibit.  I more or less have an idea on what would have seen.

Speaking of really nice carrying cases, Karl Lagerfeld had this trunk customized for his twenty iPoD’s.  Wow, twenty… (Photo from Geeky-Gadgets.com)

The case of the 2010 FIFA World Cup trophy.

The store at Greenbelt had this gambling trunk on display.  And…and…I fell in love with it.  (Photos from HighSnobiety.com)