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I had to return to a prospective employer for my fourth and final interview with the Big Boss.  I was asked the night before to bring more of my sample works/portfolio.  Since I never had any time to compile any of works into a formatted portfolio.  I brought my thesis boards instead.

Me :: I would like to present my thesis, which is a Technical Vocational School–

Boss :: *Motions for me to stop, turns to his assistant (1 of 4 assistants in the room)* Tawagan mo nga yung expert natin na pumunta dito sa conference room. Si… si… yung galing UK.  (Call our expert to come down to the conference room. The one from the UK.)

Assistant # 1 :: *rushes out of conference room*

Assistant # 2 :: *rushes out of conference room, makes a phone call at the reception*

Assistant # 1 :: *comes back in* Sir, nagbreak po siya. (Sir, he’s on break.)

Boss :: *pause* Sige. *Turns back and motions for me to continue*

Me :: *inward sigh of relief*

That rattled me for a moment.  Anyway, HR emailed me later that night the job offer to join the firm.  I decided not to accept since commuting there would also be especially difficult.  Maybe I would eventually adapt to a hard routine.  I can’t help but wonder how it would be like to work for the Boss.  Personally, I was impressed when I saw the office set-up.  The operations–well, at least those visible to me that time–were running like a well-oiled machine.