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Blimey, it’s London! (1/3)

Getting our bearings and acclimatizing…

(Photocredit: Dad)

I got disoriented upon touchdown in London.  We arrived at the hotel at around 9:30 PM.  The sun was still UP, and I forgot that, “Oh, right. We’re way up in the Northern hemisphere.”  We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kensington, an affluent and densely populated neighborhood.

Excuse our amusement and narcissicism, as it is one of the few occasions that I wear more than one layer of clothing when going outside.

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London, raw and unedited

I haven’t organized my photos in chronological order yet. But here are some of my memorable stops of the trip so far. The full account will come after Paris, and after the entire trip.

[I couldn’t take photographs of the interiors of the churches and castles we visited as they all had a “no photography” policy for security and conservation reasons.  Understandable, but booooo….]

Westminster Abbey

The Darwin Center at the Museum of Natural History

The London Eye

West End (where we watched Les Miserables).

Trafalgar Square