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Paris, La Ville-Lumière (3/3)

Je t’adore big guns and Chanel…

We gave up trying to go up to the Eiffel Tower.  The lines were too long.

(Photocredit: Dad)

And we were also unfortunate enough to Versailles on a holiday.  It was Ascension Thursday.  Every nation and the French decided to spend the day there.

(Photocredit: Dad)

(Photocredit: Dad)

For all its grandiosity and pretentious pomp, the architect left out one essential room in Versailles–BATHROOMS.  According to our tour guide, Versailles’ inhabitants just came and relieved their bladders wherever they pleased.  It slightly tarnished my first impressions of the Palace.  It is a work of art, really.  One just has to overlook its unhygenic provisions.  Hmmm….

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Paris, La Ville-Lumière (2/3)

Sunday in Paris. Still Asian and still lost…

This is how the city looks from Notre Dame’s towers.  I believe this is the city where I have climbed more than 4 high points just to see top views in all angles.

We were nearly late for the Sunday service because we got lost.  Some of the streets have their signs hung on the corners in tiny signs.  In addition, there was the language barrier.  We couldn’t ask anyone to give us detailed directions to the cathedral.  Fortunately, we made it in time and got relatively good seats.

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Paris, La Ville-Lumière (1/3)

Asian lost in Paris…

It would be redundant, borderline ridiculous to say that Paris is a beautiful city.  It’d take around a five minute walk from our hotel to see this at 10:30 PM, just a little after sunset.  After nearly a week’s stay in London, I still got disoriented because of the time difference.  In my “world” the sun sets at 6:00 PM.  Anyway…

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I miss the rain

Now presenting, Photographer of the Day!!

Éole‘s photos are always refreshing to look at.  He’s a Paris-based photographer whose account I’ve stumbled upon in Flickr.  (Click each picture for his captions.)

I especially like some of his people shots.  The subjects look genuinely happy.

But my favorite out of them all is this…

I suddenly started missing the rain.  Today was especially bright and HOT.  Go away sun, GO AWAAAAAAY!