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London, raw and unedited

I haven’t organized my photos in chronological order yet. But here are some of my memorable stops of the trip so far. The full account will come after Paris, and after the entire trip.

[I couldn’t take photographs of the interiors of the churches and castles we visited as they all had a “no photography” policy for security and conservation reasons.  Understandable, but booooo….]

Westminster Abbey

The Darwin Center at the Museum of Natural History

The London Eye

West End (where we watched Les Miserables).

Trafalgar Square


Punta Fuego

(Photo taken by my Dad.)

The hermit crab was a  titchy and very temperamental model.


Somebody’s rest house.

We just had an overnight stay at Punta Fuego.  I wasn’t in the mood to swim, but more importantly, I forgot my swimsuit at home.  The buffet wasn’t of stellar quality; I was still satisfied with my breakfast and dinner nonetheless.  The nine hours of uninterrupted sleep–like a typical, diurnal human being–was worth it.

Lazy Days

My two brothers are playing Wii inside.

Ant city…

Point and shoot

Transformers on the river?  I took this during the fieldtrip cruise (not kidding) down the Pasig River yesterday.  There wasn’t much to see but the whole point of the trip was to see Metro Manila from a different perspective.  The ferry dropped us off at Escolta Station.  I got suckered into trying a supposedly novel drink called hopia coffee at Polland.  I thought the coffee tasted like hopia.  Sadly, it was just blended iced coffee, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and hopia toppings.

My sister’s drawing mannequins. Ummm…. Yihee!