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Pinatubo Excursion

Starting point: Pinatubo Day Spa located in Capas, Tarlac

Last Saturday, I went with my Dad, sister, and a high school friend on a trip to Mt. Pinatubo.  We left the house at around 4:30 AM. My family had a good night’s rest.  I didn’t.  (I hit the sheets at around 3:00 AM.)

(Photocredits: my sister and Dad!)

We left the car at the Pinatubo Day Spa.  Got on a 4×4–yeah! kickass!–to travel the rest of the way.  The other companions for this excursion were my Dad’s officemates.

4x4 that had to be pulled out

The terrain of Pinatubo is an altogether alien landscape.  I have gone hiking on fieldtrips and other family excursions, so naturally, I expected to see lush greenery.  After the main entrance to the Pinatubo hiking site (first picture), the jeep had to traverse a vast stretch of lahar.  There are streams from Mt. Pinatubo’s natural springs that break the sandy expanse.

Sauron's tropical domain?

At this point, we were going up Pinatubo’s slope.  At the next stop, we were supposed to disembark from the jeeps then go down–how far, I don’t know–into the crater.  Based on our surroundings, I couldn’t pinpoint where we were exactly on Pinatubo.  On the way there, I was vaguely reminded of Mordor, minus Gollum lurking among the rocks.

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