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Even boys play with dollhouses

One of the blogs that I follow from time to time is Chuvaness, the blog of Philippine Star’s creative director and fashion columnist Cecile Van Straten.  Anyway, since I’m on design mode, this particular post of hers caught my attention.

To summarize, her two sons make dioramas/play bachelor’s pad/play “bahay-bahayan” with their WWE figurines.

…If you don’t believe in Santa, you won’t get a present from him.
In unison, both boys replied, “I believe.”
That settled, I discovered that the boys create funny dioramas out of their WWE toy collection.

The wrestlers keep them busy for hours.

I decided that this Christmas, Santa will give them a house.
I’ve been looking for non-girly dollhouses online and found these:
First, a wooden clubhouse by Plan Toys. So macho!

On to the hardcore, adult stuff… Haha!

And then I came across Villa Sibi, which is no longer for children.

I’m vaguely reminded of the chipboard sketch models I did during my first and second years.

Chip board sketch models, EAT YOU HEART OUT!

Villa Sibi is actually a modern dollhouse designed by interior architect Wolfgang Sirch and wood sculptor Christoph Bitzer in 2004.  This model comes with a garden and pool house all made of birch wood.  AND it comes with matching beech furniture too!

(I would not let my kids play with this.)

The Sirch-Bitzer team have been designing handmade wood products for children in their factory in Bavaria.  The Sibi line of products featured in this post have been in the market since 2000.  BUT the Sirch family business has been around for over 30o years.

Handmade, WOODEN toys for (possibly) hyperactive children. Wow…

Maybe I am being a bit too skeptical because I have not been exposed to materials other than plastic and rubber for children’s toys.  But since we’re dealing with German design and craftsmanship–yeah–why am I being so apprehensive?!

I really want the sled!

And it’s OUT OF STOCK! :(