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Blimey, it’s London! (2/3)

More sights from the City Bus Tour – St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, President Obama…

St. Paul’s Cathedral, the largest Anglican Church equivalent to the St. Peter’s Basilica of the Roman Catholics.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures here.  I found out as the trip progressed that photographing was generally forbidden inside places of worship.

This is the fifth building of the cathedral which was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in 1669 and officially completed in 1711.  The first three cathedrals existed before the year 1000 A.D. and were burned down.  The fourth cathedral was constructed after the fire in 1087 that destroyed the third cathedral.  The ceiling and roof were made of wood which led to its eventual decay.  The construction of the fifth version experienced a lot of interruptions during the Civil War.

The style is a mix between Gothic and Baroque styles.  The Baroque is evident in the dome (and inspired by St. Peter’s Basilica) and the arched ceilings.  The Gothic is present in the spires as seen in the photo above.  The design received mixed reactions from the public.  If I remember my Art Studies correctly, the architecture in mainland Europe developed closely alongside each other.  Proximity made it easier for architects and craftsmen to travel around mainland Europe–France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Flanders–and see which architectural styles were in fashion.  Britain, located away from the mainland, caught on the trends at a later time and was (generally) considered not part of the cool group.

A view of the St. Paul Memorial from the Golden Gallery, the topmost area on the dome that is accessible to the public.

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London, raw and unedited

I haven’t organized my photos in chronological order yet. But here are some of my memorable stops of the trip so far. The full account will come after Paris, and after the entire trip.

[I couldn’t take photographs of the interiors of the churches and castles we visited as they all had a “no photography” policy for security and conservation reasons.  Understandable, but booooo….]

Westminster Abbey

The Darwin Center at the Museum of Natural History

The London Eye

West End (where we watched Les Miserables).

Trafalgar Square