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Blimey, it’s London! (3/3)

More museums and the obligatory food post…

This is the entrance of the Natural History Museum.  We got free entrance, as with most of the museums, thanks to our London Pass.  The exhibits here were targeted for a younger audience.  I got bored actually because it was elementary biology.  I did learn a thing or two on modern museum interiors.

The museum was first opened to the public in 1881.  But the collections first started when Sir Hans Sloane (physician and collector of natural curiosities) donated his collection in 1753.  (Source: Natural History Museum UK)

I forgot to mention that my favorite parts of the collection were the dinosaur and whale skeleton exhibit.

These two bridges here connect the exhibits, giving the interior layout a maze-like feel.

This is “the Cocoon” in the Darwin Centre designed by  C F Møller Architects.  I wasn’t able to go inside though, so check out more pictures of it here, Darwin Centre Architectural Highlights.  We had another stop to visit.

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