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Giffen Goods 2010

Dear Santa, I hope I’m not too old to ask for any of the following.  Whether you deliver them by Christmas or on my birthday, any date is fine.  As you’ve already known, I have a penchant for luxury items.

Back to reality. I think it’s good that I post every now and then my material wants.  Personal fulfillment, prestige, learning experience, the diploma just don’t cut it as worthwhile motivations for me to do well in my studies–and much later–work.  Alright, I will admit that material possessions should not be the measure of one’s true success, nor should they be one’s driving force.  But to be honest, I can hardly imagine myself 10 years from now as a successful architect.  It’s much easier to fantasize about the rewards of working hard.  I’ve worked better in the past with a clear “end” in sight.  Haha!  Maybe after a few years I will go back to this blog post and see if I own any of these items.

On to the wishlist:

1. Dolce and Gabbana Anthology 3 L’Imperatrice perfume

2. Burberry Touch for Women perfume

3. Clipa bag hook

4. Charriol Kimono necklace – This is probably the (priciest) item that I will use the least but I believe I should own at least one piece of statement jewelry in my lifetime.

5. Canon SX30 – Basically, it’s a point-and-shoot one step away from an DSLR.

6. Certina watch with strictly the following specs.  I’m being conservative with my choice of watches here because there are others that I want with a bigger price tag).  I like Certina’s styles because they are both trendy and sophisticated.  Also, the sapphire crystal face on all three of my choices guards against nicks and scratches from regular use.

7. Adidas taekwondo shoes – Clearly the black sheep of the bunch.


My Birthday Wishlist

It’s only less than a month till my birthday and I have not decided what I want to ask from my parents.  Every year, I usually ask for cash, which is enough to make me happy.  Anyway,  I decided to compile a wishlist.

Humor me ok? It’s nice to fantasize once in a while.

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