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The (Career) Story So Far

The Bible of catalogues for museum design. The drawing on yellow tracing is just an option I contributed to a pool of design schemes for a facade in the province.

I have been working for five months already.  I started working in my classmate’s mother’s firm not too long after my application stint with ASYA. The  factors in my decision making were

  1. Transportation / Location – The firm’s located in Pasong Tamo, a very convenient location.  It’s a 15 minute speed-walk and a jeep ride to Greenbelt, where I get picked up by my parents. Or two jeep rides if I’m lazy.
  2. Size of the firm – Small enough so that I don’t end up as another cog in the system.  Small enough so I get to see a project from conceptualization to construction.
  3. Work hours – NO WORK ON SATURDAYS!
  4. My boss’ program – My boss said that it was her personal goal to teach her apprentices how to start up and run a firm properly.  She said she had a hard time setting up her own firm and wished to impart the knowledge that she learned during this period so that her apprentices don’t repeat these mistakes.

To date,  I am part of a team working on a museum which will be located in a new high-rise building in Rockwell.  The team is basically involved with the space planning of the exhibit areas and the conservation center–which I find more interesting.  In addition, there are the sub-jobs of space planning: coordinating with the team designing the building and the Museum group, product research, and more research.  I knew early on that I lacked training to be a professional 3D renderer; so I am fortunate that I landed a space planning project instead.  The output is much harder to produce, not as pretty as making presentation drawings on 3Ds Max, but just as fulfilling.

My desk during a 10 minute break

The novelty of finally generating my own spending capacity that exceeds what I had with my college allowance has long worn off.  Interestingly, it made me more stingy.  I have no complaints about my current set-up.  Maybe, save for one: College life allowed me more impulsive moments.